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I'm currently working my way through Court Reporting school which I hope to finish very soon. I work in a parts department for a well known car dealer in my area. Then there's little thing called crafting which has managed to take every waking moment of my life that I don't spend at school or work or loving on my cute little cockapoo, Angel. I've ventured into embroidery, sewing, painting... anything that I think is cute, really! As a former Clartinetist, I love nothing more than having an endless creative outlet that's as satisfying as crafting has proven to be for me.


As far as hobbies go, there's not much I won't try. I am learning to sew on my own as well as embroider.. I even taught myself to crochet but I didn't really take to that. Also, there's the dragracing. I've been doing that since my 16th birthday!